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Hello Everyone!

You know the days where you have like no time to put on makeup but you still feel like pampering yourself a little? Well I had one of those days (a lot lately!) and it ended up with a quick foundation routine, some eyeliner, blush and mixing two lipliners!

Products used:

  • MAC Foundation
  • MAC Studio Fix
  • MAC cover up
  • MAC shimmer
  • Gosh Eyeliner
  • Loreal LipLiner
  • Maybellin LipLiner
  • Sephora Contorkit

Let me show you:

 photo IMG_5003_zpsyownqlmy.jpg
 photo IMG_5008_zpsteh7efww.jpg
 photo IMG_4957_zpscxjmwd54.jpg
 photo IMG_4960_zps0yfltz3g.jpg
 photo IMG_4961_zpshxtefnqe.jpg
 photo IMG_4962_zpscnfjfq48.jpg

 photo IMG_4994_zpsaiihnxnl.jpg
 photo IMG_4939_zpsqerlg9u3.jpg
And some fails:

 photo 2015-12-11 15.23.39_zpslpgc6mta.jpg

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  1. Addison S
    December 15, 2015 / 23:07

    Hi, can I ask you witch hair color you have used? Have you bleached your hair before you applied the hair color?

    • mycafe101
      December 16, 2015 / 09:47

      Hi! ^_^
      I’ve dyed my hair brown twice or bleached it to get this color I have now. I wasn’t satisfied when I used only one packet since my hair is long and thick and I wanted some more color in it. You can see the product I’ve used in this post: :) And again: I did it twice to get my color but at the very beginning it kinda seemed too bleached but I got used to it though ;) So be careful and be sure of how bleached you want it before using two packets ^_^

      • Addison S
        December 17, 2015 / 14:07

        Hi, but in
        you mention that you havn’t bleached it. And in that post your hair looks very brown compared to now. I really like the hair color you have now, because it looks like a natural black-brown hair color. Did you use the some loreal hair color did you use one some shades darker?

        • mycafe101
          December 19, 2015 / 00:11

          Hi! ^_^
          I actually used that Loreal hair color for what I have now. The difference is that my natural hair is growing out and is kinda “blended” with the old bleached hair ^_^ And the color was very brown at the beginning but as time goes the color gets a little less brown (maybe cause it’s blended with my black hair I guess, I’m not sure)
          I also did a mistake telling you guys that I haven’t bleached it (I wrote in another post that I was wrong about dyeing my hair, cause it got bleached instead, but I didn’t realize it back then ^^”). By coloring my hair with blond, my hair automatically gets bleached and not just dyed, so the brown color is permanent. :) I hope this makes sense, if not feel free to write again ^_^

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