Today’s MakeUpLook

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying december :D I just wanted to share a new makeup look with you guys <3
As I’ve mentioned a hundred times and you are probably getting tired of hearing this but I’m busy with uni and work lately since the exams are coming up, so I’m kinda keeping my posts short and they are totally random as well :P As you guys know; I’m just experimenting with makeup at the moment and most of the time it ends up with all most the same looks (I’m working on that part) ;)

 photo IMG_5086_zpsdzot0vzt.jpg
 photo IMG_5059_zps3g3rgmwa.jpg
 photo IMG_5094_zps2a01yewm.jpg
 photo IMG_5109_zpsipozb7zg.jpg
 photo IMG_5111_zpsvfe0yxlu.jpg
 photo IMG_5101_zps9re5wc0i.jpg
 photo IMG_5134_zpshykeavpw.jpg
 photo IMG_5137_zps5vhejxzs.jpg
 photo IMG_5133_zpsvqkabu70.jpg

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