“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”

Hey lovelies <3

I’ve been in such a good mood this week. We have had such a relaxing and fun weekend with excellent company. A couple of our friends came over to visit us and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity, since we hardly never get time, and make it a christmas dinner. I love cooking, I love decorating and I looove hosting a get-together so as you can guess I started cooking early ;) Christmas time means Christmas biscuits!! As I was baking our guests arrived and instantly went straight for the biscuit jar :D Lucky for me they loved it! But on the contrary that meant I didn’t get any pictures of the biscuits before they were gone :p

For the main course we made brown(caramelized) potatoes, slow-cooked pot roast, cream baked vegetables and potatoes and gravy. And for dessert – Risalamande with cherry sauce of course. A traditional Danish rice dessert that is served for Christmas. The name is french and means “rice with almond”. You would think the dessert is from France, but I recently learnt that it is an old Danish dessert. There is a tradition in which the person who finds the one whole almond in the dessert wins the ‘almond present’. This tradition however is from France. Any way, enough of the history lesson. Took a couple of pictures from the evening.

Enjoy x

 photo 7c1e0dfa-bb86-4ac1-8068-e8b3cc2b3715_zpsbkdd5hb2.jpg

 photo 168d03e3-0342-48fa-9d8a-e3c187eb6f2d_zpsg7bqj0l7.jpg

 photo e0b24de5-6d4e-4434-b603-5b21185aad3c_zpspke9dyjr.jpg

 photo 1b3c5516-f440-4ca6-b0ce-15a1887e9466_zpsgy2titzp.jpg

 photo 06d8479c-3faa-4e66-a491-5a32f31d7862_zps0ca3avqa.jpg

 photo ab52708b-fd04-40ba-9c52-2d13cca492ab_zpsdc1zogp4.jpg

 photo b06e472c-6275-46dc-bc67-25a06d32cd0d_zpsljklxeh2.jpg

 photo 039C1176-011D-4F7F-ACA9-A8448F8B3E78_zpsoqtfrzdr.jpg

 photo 06d8479c-3faa-4e66-a491-5a32f31d7862_zps0ca3avqa.jpg

 photo 34EFE153-2E89-4F44-9C4E-AE5A44AF66EE_zpsury7syh6.jpg

 photo 4A99F8E4-C5DD-439B-A203-E6DC0B8F65D2_zps8ju2yyjz.jpg

 photo 7FFFA7E5-235A-45A5-B846-A6598592E78A_zpsyz9boxfv.jpg

 photo 049ce846-c8c9-4d08-b076-bd2f0ef276d1_zps19emk1hd.jpg

We took quite a few selfies as well, but to be honest nothing turned out in a decent quality so I’ll spare you for those. Did make a little collage out of a few pictures though.

Have a nice evening guys x


 photo 4673803B-F6E0-4523-960A-3C2ADC56A796.png_zpsqgollnk2.jpeg


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