All is Calm, All is Bright

Hi Everyone! :D

I thought I lost all my photos from when we started decorating my apartment and cooked but I finally found the pictures; I thought I would share some more christmas moments with you guys. While 4 of us were decorating and figuring out what to do  or how to decorate, the fifth were cooking some delicious pasta dish! :D It was a cosy day with decorating and good food:

 photo IMG_4718_zpsac0tnb0s.jpg
 photo IMG_4720_zpsrvj2ajex.jpg
 photo IMG_4724_zpsumn7myzt.jpg
 photo IMG_4726_zpszgsamcjj.jpg
 photo IMG_4733_zpsh0r21m8e.jpg
 photo IMG_4759_zps9p2zjgwh.jpg
 photo IMG_4780_zpszkdyreqc.jpg
 photo IMG_4783_zpsze2gpuqf.jpg
 photo IMG_4790_zpsym9lgbnu.jpg
 photo IMG_4824_zpsj3o0h1r6.jpg
 photo IMG_4839_zpsy19gqwwa.jpg


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