December Vibes

Hello Everyone <3

It’s finally December and my schedule is full packed with study-work and… work (I got a new job guys! ^_^). I have exams coming up in January so I’m trying to prepare for it while going to classes and working at my new job.  I’m enjoying christmas as much as I can though ^_^ I’m excited for the holiday so I can get into some more christmas spirit cause right now I’m kinda a little stressed out.

For the first time I got my own christmas tree for my apartment and I love it! I usually just decorate a little at my own apartment and wait to decorate back home with the family but this time it’s different: I have a christmas tree at my own place and I want to decorate a little bit more than what I usually do :-D

Since I’m celebrating christmas at my parent’s place; We have already decorated the christmas tree at my place so I can enjoy it over here until the holiday! <3 :D I hope you’re all into the christmas spirit and enjoying the last month of 2015!! ^_^ <3

 photo IMG_4900_zps98dxrwnx.jpg
 photo IMG_4895_zpsnj05iovm.jpg
 photo IMG_4891_zpsatg6zz3m.jpg
 photo IMG_4888_zpsylzzicmq.jpg
 photo IMG_4887_zpssigzg96d.jpg
 photo IMG_4884_zpsp4kapda8.jpg
 photo IMG_4880_zps1wo9dpdl.jpg
 photo IMG_4879_zpsyuef4pfn.jpg
 photo IMG_4877_zps3caa8umx.jpg
Take Care <3 

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