The Burger Shack

Hello guys!

Sometimes you need to take a break from the studies and work or whatever you are doing and today since it is Saturday; Thannu, Arthu and I decided to go swimming and then go out for dinner and go to the movies afterwards to watch FF! We went to this new café The Burger Shack (not sure if it’s new actually but I’ve never heard of this one before ^_^), a burger restaurant and we were all satisfied! Their burgers are really good and the movie was really good too! Have a look:

 photo 2017-04-29 18.44.15_zpshesjrpoj.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 18.44.22_zpsi4khv51k.jpg
 photo 2017-04-29 18.44.25_zpsexwkjxsf.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 18.44.35_zpsegrycxj0.jpg

 photo 2017-04-29 20.48.00_zpspzchh6b2.jpg

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