Angelina’s – Life Is A Dessert

Hello guys!

 Arthu, Thannu and I went to this beautiful cosy cafe; a “dessert cafe” I would say which we all loved. We got to try their chocolate mouse cake, pancakes and Oreo milkshake! The café name is “Angelina’s” and they have pancakes, waffles, cakes and also frozen yogurt too! I loved everything about this cafe and I got to take some photos too but it’s with my phone though ^^’ I’m sorry for the bad quality but this was kinda spontaneous so I didn’t have the camera with me. I hope it’s ok though ^_^ <3  Let me show you:

 photo 2017-04-29 19.41.06_zpskrfrg9xd.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 19.40.17_zps0jsycreb.jpg
 photo 2017-04-29 19.40.01_zpsolleczr3.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 19.40.10_zpsz179bj8k.jpg
 photo 2017-04-29 19.33.28_zpsxlgcf6gd.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 19.33.06_zpsstzjxgey.jpg
 photo 2017-04-29 19.28.07_zpsokjtzyqf.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 19.28.03_zpsnkvghyhu.jpg 
 photo 2017-04-29 19.27.55_zpsddaf1how.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 19.27.33_zpsalglysbx.jpg
  photo 2017-04-29 19.27.14_zpsy99khth3.jpg  photo 2017-04-29 19.27.03_zpsmdjkaxhs.jpg

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