We know what we are, but know not what we may be

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Hello guys!

It’s May which means I’ll soon have to deliver my project so I’m almost only focused on the project work these days. I’m trying my best to be focused yet not be too stressed. I have about two weeks to my project deadline and I do have another assignment for this Monday beside the project report. Anyhow things are great! I’m still doing the “no social media challenge”. It has been over a week now and I’m doing good :P I don’t miss it at all but I also think it’s because I’m caught up with studying and project work, so it makes sense. Life is good and I just wanted to “catch up” with you guys with a very random post! ^_^ I will be focused on the project and then the exams up until the end of June. I will be updating the blog too in my breaks but studying will be first priority right now ^_^ <3

I hope you’re all doing good! Take Care <3


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