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Hello guys! ^_^

Since I’m “detoxting” my life in different ways; cooking, throwing stuff away, rearranging my home, staying away from FB, insta, Snap & Twitter, meditating and just working towards a new lifestyle in generel I’ve come across a few new “lifestyle”-apps that I’ve been happy for!


The app “Calm” is a meditation app that I’ve been starting my day with this week. I’ve finished trying out “7 Days of Calm” which is where you learn the basics of mindfulness meditation. Also in generel you can do breathing exercises whenever you want to with the app and it also has “sleeping stories” which I haven’t tried yet. It has been such a stress relief to start the day off with meditation but I gotta admit it can be hard some days too. You will be so much aware of what your thinking and how you’re thinking when you aren’t used to meditate. It’s practice so I gotta be patient and just keep on meditate daily.

Daily Yoga

I’ve also been practicing yoga every day. I’ve tried the “12 days yoga foundations”  and it is relaxing. I’m not the most flexible person so it is kinda challenging. I’m the type of person who prefer soccer, handball and tennis -.- So Yoga is very different from what I usually prefer to do and I can definitely feel it on my body. With that said I actually enjoy it and it feels different but good!


Omg! So this app is for the one who want to be productive and can only focus for about 30-45 min at a time. I’ve read that it’s actually healthy to take a short break every 45 minutes when studying or working. The app is so simple and cool. You add all the tasks you have to do and you give each task an amount of time and when you’re done the app will go to the next task and count down. It can be like: 30 min work then 10 min break on repeat. It’s so simple and cool to use and much more motivating and it’s easier to focus on the specific tasks when you know you have a specific amount of time to do it. I’ve been loving this app lately!

Anyways guys! These three apps are the ones I’ve been enjoying currently while studying. Let us know what apps you like and use for yourself! We would love to know :)

Take Care <3


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