Hello guys!

Beside it’s friday and weekend… it’s my day off from all the challenges. This means that I can drink soda and eat chocolate xD So of course I went out to get myself a hot chocolate in this “sunny weather” ^^’  For my defense I would say it’s not that hot here in Denmark even though it looks sunny. It’s still kinda cold here so a hot chocolate is just perfect. The problem with me is that whenever I put up a rule I crave chocolate and soda a lot more. Now since it’s weekend I can eat and drink whatever I want but now I don’t crave it that much like I did on the weekdays -.- *the struggle*

Anyhow… I was out a little while today before uni. At first I bought myself a healthy juice with apple, carrot and ginger but then after a little while I bought myself a hot chocolate with softice which was amazing btw! ^_^ I’ve got a few iphone shots from today I wanted to share with you guys:

 photo 2017-04-28 11.11.50-1_zpsbw3vlnhn.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 11.04.49-1_zpst2bdutv8.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 11.31.40-1_zpshqjnozsu.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 11.32.18-1_zpsz5mkxxn7.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 11.32.53-1_zpscnqps4j2.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 11.33.02-1_zpsuprsauyw.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 19.34.58-1_zps5uwlbyoo.jpg

 photo 2017-04-28 19.35.39-1_zps6f62ggnj.jpg

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