Let’s Do Some “Life Detoxing” Once Again

Hello guys! ^_^ <3

I have to deliver my project within a month so I’m trying my best to focus on project work only. I do have a few plans the upcoming month though so I have to schedule thoroughly. With that said; let’s talk about what this post really is about: Another detox post! Again it’s not just a diet, food-detox kinda post (I’m working on eating healthier though) but it’s more detoxing in a bunch of different ways.

I told you guys in a previous detox post that I tried to cut all social medias except for youtube and blogging (FB, Instagram, Snap and twitter) for one week and I decided to do that once again. I love all social medias especially Instagram but I want to focus more on other things the upcoming month. So there is no social media from today (I started yesterday actually) until the beginning of June :)

I’m also still working on yoga and meditation daily. There have been a few days where I didn’t do it -.-‘ but I’m trying though :P Otherwise I’m still keeping the challenges of not drinking cola on weekdays (monday to thursday) and also not eating chocolate (monday to thursday) every week. The chocolate part is horrible. I hate it. -.-‘ But again… I’m trying my best :P

I am going to update the blog and youtube as much as I can but studying and working will be my first priority the next two months ^_^ <3 That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to update but it means that the content on the blog and youtube might be more about my uni-life/study-life than beauty-related posts :) I do have a few beauty related posts ready, so they might be up through next month too ^_^

Anyways guys, I hope you’re all doing good <3 Take Care <3 Mwah <3

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