3 Reasons To Take a Break from Social Media


Hello guys!

Let’s talk about social media today. Well I only took seven days off from all social media some weeks ago and I gotta say; I kinda miss “the break”.. I mean I love social media and I love to express myself through writing and photos, so I’m not against any social media. I think it’s a great way to connect with friends, family and just people that have the same interests as ourselves. But sometimes it does take a lot of our time and we forget to appreciate LIFE. We forget to appreciate what we have and what is happening right now. It’s  important to sometimes take a break and live in the moment 100%. I have three reasons why you need a certain balance with social media:


We are saving so much time not being on social media. I realized that when I choose to stay away from social media. I had so much time on my hand to do whatever I wanted to and I was actually more relaxed.


We forget to be grateful and enjoy the moment cause we are too caught up with sharing everything with everyone else than the people who are there in the moment. And then there isn’t much to think back to.

Less Stress / No Comparison

We automatically tend to compare ourselves and our lives with others. We have to be aware that we all just post the things we want others to see. We are only posting the good. Everyone is aware of what they are showing the outer world. It’s so easy to be blind and think that everyone else has a better life than ourselves and we forget what we already have. That’s unhealthy for all of us.

Another thing is it’s healthy to not care or know about what is going on in other people’s lives sometimes, cause you stop comparing or getting affected by people.

With all these three points said; I’m not saying social media is bad. In fact I’m properly the last person who would say that because I really do enjoy it. But I do think it’s important to be aware of these points and to find the right balance and also to take a break sometimes :) <3

Take Care <3


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