5 Things I’ve Learned At University

Hello guys!

As you guys might know I’m studying software engineering at university and I thought I would share 5 “lessons” I’ve learned or realized throughout uni. Let’s go:

1. Work smart, not hard: There’s like no way I can do all the homework, study my ass off, do my job at work, and then also blog and youtube. It’s not realistic -.-

2. Oh yeah next one: Be realistic! Stop being optimistic! I do see myself as a maybe too optimistic kinda person but Uni definitely is teaching me to not be optimistic in generel -.- I have no idea if that’s good or not.

3. Scheduling, Planing and Organizing is KEY to get things done!

4. You are not alone: Not a lot of people have their sh*t together at uni actually. It looks from the outside that everyone has figured out everything but actually no. You’re not alone. We are all working hard and struggling and are insecure at times. Everyone just doesn’t talk about it or show it. So yeah, once again: You are not alone.

5. If you need to relax then RELAX. Studying is important but sometimes we need a break and if uni doesn’t give you the break then TAKE the break yourself! Of course if you have an assignment for tomorrow then you obviously shouldn’t take a break but when you can and you know you need a break to relax then take it! And also make yourself deserve the break :)


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