You Don’t Get Older. You Get Better

Hello guys! 
A few weeks ago we got to celebrate Thannu’s 22nd birthday but I never got to edit the photos and update you guys but here it is! We had a great day with cake, snacks, girl-talk and then we went out to eat and had some more chit chat. Let me show you:

 photo IMG_3704_zpssmktdq7r.jpg

 photo IMG_3674_zpscmmhe4px.jpg

 photo IMG_3690_zpsloi78qla.jpg

 photo IMG_3694_zpsc3evshnq.jpg

 photo IMG_3737_zpslasxhv4h.jpg

 photo IMG_3752_zps9om1eur0.jpg

 photo IMG_3753_zpsjdqeoyxl.jpg

 photo IMG_3766_zps7jhx4hfw.jpg

 photo IMG_3785_zpsqujhhrrr.jpg

 photo IMG_3790_zps5i45ooql.jpg

 photo IMG_3807_zpsiwufvaka.jpg

 photo IMG_3810_zpstvdzfgvn.jpg

 photo IMG_3811_zpswpfmp6ph.jpg

 photo IMG_3813_zpszsxp5bxh.jpg

 photo IMG_3814_zpsh9j38gzc.jpg

 photo IMG_3817_zpseyhcfpf9.jpg

 photo IMG_3826_zpsftdtujiy.jpg

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