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Hello guys! 
If you’ve read one of my previous posts I told you guys that I’m working on changing up my lifestyle a bit and kinda “detox my life”. I’m not even sure if I’m using the term “detoxing” right, so let me explain  what I exactly mean; I’m not detoxing my life in the way of eating totally healthy at all :P It’s more detoxing my life “mind-wise”. This means I rearranged my whole apartment, threw away all the things I don’t need anymore, I cut off all social medias: FB, Insta, Snap and twitter and then I started meditating, doing yoga, cooking, cleaning, clearing my mind, working out and also just having a lot of “me-time”. 
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It has been about 6 days since I started. I started last Sunday last week. I’m surprised that I don’t miss all social medias since I use a lot of time on it. I mean only Instagram actually. I use Instagram a lot and it has been an easy way for me to distract myself from life or whatever. Now when I pick up my phone I don’t have much to do beside answering some text messages :P  I’m surprised that I’m saying this but it has actually been a relief! I actually thought it would’ve been harder than what it is. I’ve had so much time on my hand because I’m not on the phone that much as I used to be and it feels so good. I think I really needed it. I think it’s easier for me to find a balance between social medias and life after taking this challenge because I now kinda know the difference between using too much time on social medias and just chilling with social media while being presence in life. Also I now know that I shouldn’t use it as a distraction but more as a “hobby” kinda thing for “fun”. 
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The only difference I can tell is that I have more time for a lot of other things than sitting on my phone beside that there’s no huge difference between me being on social media and not being on social media: I still do the same things: work, study, read, clean and workout. The new things I started since I don’t have that kind of distraction and since I’m working on a better lifestyle are: cooking, meditating, yoga and listening to podcasts (which is awesome btw!). But anyways things are good and I’m good and I hope you’re all good! Just wanted to give an update and show you guys some photos I’ve been taking lately :) 
Take Care <3 


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