Detoxing My Life?!

Hello guys! ^_^

I just wanted to keep you guys updated since I’m trying out something new this week. I have a week to just catch up on work and to do project work with no classes or lectures and I want to use this week wisely. So I thought I would give myself a break from “social medias”. I don’t count the blog and youtube as my social media because I would like to keep those two updated as often as I can beside studying and working :)


 So what do I exactly mean? -.-‘ Yeah well… I deactivated facebook, and I’m not going to be on Instagram, snapchat or twitter. Just for one week or so. Just to give myself a break but also to figure out if that actually makes any kind of difference in my life cause I’ve read a lot of times that taking a break from social medias is healthy for you and I’ve wanted to try that but I didn’t feel like I could since I wanted to promote the blog and youtube but now I feel like I can take a break from it and then I can just promote everything later when I’m back on the social medias again ^_^


So far it actually feels good; I don’t really miss facebook or Instagram. I would say I love Instagram and I spend so much time on it, so it’s good to take a break. I don’t really use facebook that much except for communicating with friends, but they do have my phone number if anything :P And snapchat and twitter in genereal is not something I use a lot either actually. It’s mostly Instagram and then facebook. I started Sunday, so it has only been 2 days, so there isn’t much to say yet ;)


Cutting off social media is not the only thing I’ve been doing, that’s just a part of it. I’m actually working harder on a better lifestyle. This means I’m actually cooking, or “trying to cook” you could say :P and I’m reading, meditating, working out and I re-arranged my apartment and I’ve cleaned my closet and my makeup-products and thrown away all the things I don’t need or use anymore and it feels so good! :) <3

This means that I have a bunch of things I wanna share on the blog, and I’ll keep you guys updated about the whole “detox- my-life-challenge” throughout this week <3 ^_^

I hope you’re all doing good! Take Care <3 ^_^

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