Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life

Hello guys! 
As I mentioned in the previous post we celebrated Delany’s birthday for 4 days and this is one of those days. We all went out fishing (Never tried that before, and never have I ever thought I would try this) :P But anyhow.. we went out fishing and it was fun and different cause it is not something we usually do and we all had a great time. FYI: We did not catch any fish :( But it was fun though :P
 photo IMG_7945_zpsnvgmge6x.jpg
 photo IMG_7957_zpsiutgypyu.jpg
 photo IMG_7962_zpsnxb8t8ke.jpg
 photo IMG_7973_zpsrjtsn5vr.jpg
 photo IMG_7974_zpsdlgcq9v1.jpg
 photo IMG_7987_zpswutydfh5.jpg

 photo IMG_7977_zpsdbxf0hg2.jpg

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