The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate

Hello guys! 
I’m so behind with this post but here it is: For over a month ago we celebrated Delany’s 26th birthday! :D It was like a 3-4 days birthday celebration. It was awesome and I think she was really happy :P  So the first day we went out to see the musical: “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and then we ate some cake and a delicious cheese platter (by Delany herself btw!) :D  Let me show you: 
 photo IMG_7804_zpsq5efg5uf.jpg
 photo IMG_7808_zpsudd9iufe.jpg
 photo IMG_7809_zpse3f5oj20.jpg
 photo IMG_7842_zpssrviv6lp.jpg
 photo IMG_7852_zpsgvohour4.jpg
 photo IMG_7871_zps0m0kfjvz.jpg
 photo IMG_7909_zpsipxvimui.jpg
 photo IMG_7910_zpsvcxciosf.jpg
 photo IMG_7912_zpsueetuqyw.jpg
 photo IMG_7914_zpsjhrl4cob.jpg
 photo IMG_7916_zpsfgaj1zjo.jpg
 photo IMG_7921_zpsk5kajtri.jpg
 photo IMG_7927_zpsxylhddew.jpg
 photo IMG_7929_zps7hpcal1r.jpg
 photo IMG_7930_zpsdkvtzh8f.jpg
 photo IMG_7931_zpstkaszzaw.jpg
 photo IMG_7939_zpsthowktxz.jpg

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