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Hello guys!

Here’s yet another post about Delany’s birthday! :P Beside fishing and celebrating her birthday on her actual birthday, some of us arranged a surprise the 3rd day which was amazing. We ate a lot of cake and good food and then we went out to play:

 photo IMG_8100_zpsltf5fgle.jpg
 photo IMG_8069_zps0osaxepl.jpg
 photo IMG_8088_zpslam3iqry.jpg
 photo IMG_8098_zpsdqt3hywe.jpg
 photo IMG_8108_zpsntyoyemz.jpg
 photo IMG_8129_zpsisyqiw0z.jpg
 photo IMG_8133_zpsxl2kjzhf.jpg
 photo IMG_8051_zpsdplikmh1.jpg
 photo IMG_8053_zpsczgmsvwn.jpg
 photo IMG_8040_zpse69o4gam.jpg
 photo IMG_8031_zpshzmlnij0.jpg
 photo IMG_8037_zpsepkulpv4.jpg
 photo IMG_8030_zpsiaawgopg.jpg
 photo IMG_8026_zps6e9yxdmf.jpg
 photo IMG_8027_zps8dmh5nwz.jpg
 photo IMG_8029_zpsqtg0wpit.jpg
 photo IMG_8028_zpshxwiij2t.jpg

It was also first time visiting Thurka’s new place so we brought some presents for her too:
 photo IMG_8048_zpsfmpaf4l0.jpg
 photo IMG_8043_zpsuelcca2x.jpg
 photo IMG_8226_zpsjsz9ozo1.jpg
 photo IMG_8204_zpsvbyvfwmt.jpg
 photo IMG_8224_zpsnaqc25bu.jpg
 photo IMG_8215_zpsfoaxygdn.jpg
 photo IMG_8222_zpsoaiuathc.jpg


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