December Diary – Christmas Party

Hello guys!

I’ve been exhausted the whole day so I wasn’t able to post earlier today. I just got back home to my own place from Copenhagen. This weekend has been amazing. We had a christmas party yesterday which was so much fun which is the reason I wasn’t able to post earlier today. I’ve been so tired today. Both Friday and Saturday we all slept at about four in the morning so we all were so exhausted today but it was worth not getting enough sleep though! The christmas party was a succes! This is the second year we are celebrating together and all two years have been so much fun and I can’t wait for next year! The food was delicious, the christmas games was so much fun and just being in their company was just amazing in general. I took some quick pictures of preparing for the dinner and also the food which I want to share with you guys today.

Tomorrow I have to get back to “reality” which means back to unilife, reports and deadlines -.- The next two weeks are going to be hectic since we have three reports that has to be done and one more presentation (which is tomorrow) that has to be done. I also have a deadline for nine assignments which has to be approved before this Tuesday, and I’ve already got all nine assignments approved so it is confirmed that I can go to the exam in January. But now let’s have a look at the pictures from yesterday:

 photo IMG_5250_zps8uv51kqk.jpg
 photo IMG_5254_zpscxqrmi1w.jpg
 photo IMG_5262_zpsx47or8ot.jpg
 photo IMG_5266_zpsmn5bfpj7.jpg
 photo IMG_5258_zpsj0vfwfuk.jpg
 photo IMG_5260_zps9fot0twe.jpg
 photo IMG_5267_zpsl1jkbzx5.jpg
 photo IMG_5268_zpsgskzcpil.jpg
 photo IMG_5272_zpsvwtyzqwp.jpg
 photo IMG_5289_zpsfoslmrxx.jpg
 photo IMG_5299_zpse94jhmzp.jpg
 photo IMG_5344_zpslkjdtbsw.jpg
 photo IMG_5353_zpsgfxhxwyx.jpg
 photo 24323788_10214064824913204_278022946_o_zpsw55bfqvj.jpg

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