December Diary – Copenhagen

Hello guys!

Starting off December with going to my friends’ place was the best thing to do! I’m relaxing so so much and the christmas feeling just gets better and better when spending time with the ones you love! We(Thurka & I) came to Copenhagen at dinnertime so we decided to eat out at this big Japanese buffet in Ringsted and oh my god: their sushi was just amazing! Loved it!

After eating out yesterday we got home and Delany started doing some extra decoration while Thurka and I decided to play PlayStation. Delany and Pradaph just got Crash Bandicoot for their PS4 and we all love love love that game. It takes us all back to our childhood. It was definitely one of my favorite games back then but I got to admit I’m so bad at playing it today and it is so stressful to play now *I need practice!*. I still love it though xD Later we decided to play a board game named “Cranium” which was so much fun too! We ended up talking till half past four in the morning. So we just woke up and it’s actually lunch time now :P

 photo IMG_5091_zpsloufhuj7.jpg
 photo IMG_5087_zpsvkekgp5v.jpg
 photo IMG_5093_zpszcidmvqj.jpg
 photo IMG_5099_zpsumtda3kq.jpg
 photo IMG_5090_zpsomq85tmi.jpg
 photo IMG_5103_zpsdvxky8wd.jpg
 photo IMG_5092_zpsvqc0otrl.jpg
 photo IMG_5096_zpsewtq7hxb.jpg
 photo IMG_5113_zpsob9bdv5j.jpg
 photo IMG_5115_zpsbthvx0bn.jpg
 photo IMG_5134_zpsdt7lcdrx.jpg
 photo IMG_5123_zpsri8coyzw.jpg
 photo IMG_5130_zps0arkwhcz.jpg
 photo IMG_5128_zpskpat4dvg.jpg
A recipe on these Danish cookies will be up by Delany very soon

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