December Diary – MondayzzZZ

Hello guys!

After having such a wonderful weekend, Monday has been really hard on me! I was working my a** off last week with five assignment so that I could enjoy this weekend and I did enjoy this weekend to the fullest! No doubt about that! But going back to school today was so hard. I feel so exhausted.

I don’t have anything christmas-y for you guys today *sorry*. So this is going to be a random posts about my day. We had a presentation today: We were all working on some cases for some companies and today we had to present our idea and prototype for the companies. Afterwards my other group and I went to one of our places to study together. We have to finish off a report throughout this week, so we went to one of our places to study. But as you know it is Monday and we just had a hard time taking ourselves together :P With that said we actually was productive but we also had some time to just chill. It was nice to have a chill Monday with the group members with no pressure of studying :P They were really good company and exactly what I needed on a Monday! So since we weren’t THAT productive as we wanted to we are all STILL writing on the report through skype right now :P It’s 23 at night and I’m taking a quick break to write this blogpost and then I’ll have to get back to writing the report again.

I don’t have any classes the next three days. I do have group work though since I have to finish off two reports. Anyways guys I did take a few random photos that I want to end this post with:

 photo Billede 04-12-2017 13.29.57_zps2ncdtytq.jpg
 photo Billede 04-12-2017 12.23.24_zps8qa2iaki.jpg
 photo Billede 04-12-2017 13.29.50_zpse4hwz8re.jpg
 photo Billede 04-12-2017 16.32.29_zps4bbo0xx0.jpg
 photo Billede 04-12-2017 21.53.23_zpsc3pxxgxu.jpg

Take Care <3



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