Back To Black (Friday)

2014-11-29 03.14.00-2

Hello guys! :D

I went to Black Friday with Arthu og Thannu! After a long time.. I guess a month or so I finally got back to Herning (My parents’ place or “hometown” you could say) :P We went out for dinner and then some shopping! :D  AND not only that! I decided to dye my hair BLACK again!! :D I kinda got a little tired of the brown hair and missed the black so now I’m back to black! :D

Let me just share some moments from the Black Friday and show you my “new” hair that isn’t that new since it’s just black :P <3

2014-11-29 13.06.11

2014-11-29 13.06.47

So what did I actually buy beside food:


All beauty stuff guys! :D I bought shampoo, bodylotion, deo, lip balm, scrub etc etc! :D <3

Now to my HAIR!! :D I wanted to put up both before and after shots:

Right before dying it:



The next morning:



(Too lazy to  straighten the hair since it was too early in the morning, so you gotta live with those “curls” or whatever they are :P)

Oh yeah! :D Another before and after shot (since I was to a party the next day) :P


2014-11-29 16.53.55

I dont know if I’m ever gonna color it brown again. You can never tell :D But it was fun trying it out! :D No doubt! :D Mhm.. what else can I do to change my hair?! I have tried bangs but my hair is so frizzy that I hate having bangs cause that means I have to straighten almost everyday X_X (Nobody got time for that -_-)

Anyways! Hope you guys have had an awesome weekend! :D A new lifeupdate post is soon coming up since November is almost over! :D

Take Care Everyone!! <3 :D

2014-11-30 13.37.19-2


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