And Life Goes On… Bye November! <3

O-m-g… November is already over and I feel like it JUST begun. This month has been stressful because of studies but somehow I did manage to not study and do random stuff as well :P Let me show you my November in pictures! Oh yeah! And I would love to start of with saying HAPPY 2nd December:

2014-11-25 23.21.15

Well I actually wanted to post this 1st December but I never got to because of too much study-work going on :P So it’s gonna be happy 2nd December instead :P

Breakfast at uni (=Trying to be a little healthy… I probably did go to McD the same day later… but HEY I’m trying here! xD)

2014-11-26 09.17.53

Late night studying at uni:

2014-11-27 18.11.51

Snapchat from Jebi: XD

2014-11-26 10.28.36

Burger King with Thuva xD O-M-G! Their KidsMeal are just PERFECT guys :D <3

2014-11-25 23.16.15

Eating out with Thuva yet again xD

2014-11-25 23.15.42 2014-11-25 23.15.21

And of course there are always selfies:

2014-11-25 23.11.09  2014-11-25 23.13.01  2014-11-24 13.28.13

2014-11-24 13.11.25

Uni Life yet again: (and showing off my awesome BIGBANG TOP socks xD)

2014-11-21 16.43.47

Watching DulceCancy on YT while eating “risengrød” (Don’t know the word for that is in English). I was sick this day so taking my pills and drinking Kamile tea :P

2014-11-21 11.55.19

Studying yet AGAIN:

2014-11-20 14.58.08

BareFace Selfie:

2014-11-19 21.09.52

Starbucks <3 :D I might not have been happy with starbucks at the very beginning but god… I’m getting kinda addicted now ^_^” *I need help guys*

2014-11-19 21.09.21

Studying & Eating = My Life At The Moment & probably gonna be my life the next 3-4 years or something xD

2014-11-19 18.13.01

2014-11-18 18.30.08 2014-11-16 01.29.24

Getting a hot choco with Thuva at McD <3 :D Cooozy! :D

2014-11-16 01.29.20

2014-11-30 00.20.24 2014-11-29 23.28.11

Anyways! November has been so STRESSFULL with my studies! I had to be at uni until really late to get everything done BUT it does feel good to work a little harder at the end of the day so even though it might have been exhausting and stressfull I still kinda enjoyed it :D

2014-11-30 00.29.31

(My Selfie Struggle :P )


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