8 Morning Habits

Hello guys!

I’ve been talking and writing a few times about routines so today I wanted to share 8 productive morning habits that I do that really sets my mood, mindset and day! I think it is so important to have a proper morning routine to make sure the rest of the day goes as planned. I can’t explain how much it helps me to have a morning routine. To have that time for myself in the morning feels so important for me now.

Whenever I do these habits I feel good inside and out and I feel more motivated to get going with my day.  Of course every morning is not the same, there are days where I choose not to workout or I didn’t get to read 10 pages in my book for instance (or I woke up late for uni), but mostly I do all these habits and I’m still working on getting it right :)

 Now let’s go to my morning routine:


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