5 Reasons To Have A Gratitude Journal

Hello guys!
Let’s talk about gratitude today. Gratitude is something I’m practicing a lot at the moment (or trying at least :P).
It’s very easy to forget all the things we have and to be greedy. We just want more and we are never satisfied with what we already have. We look at other’s lives and think: why don’t I have that? Instead of focusing on what we already have. There’s so much that makes life beautiful: I mean the people, nature, health, food, surroundings, music, books, art, our senses, watching the sunset, listening to the rain.. the list could go on.

One of the things I do to practice gratitude is writing 3 things I’m grateful for every morning and I end my day with 3 good things that happened everyday. It makes me start my day with a positive mindset and I also sleep with a positive mindset. It is known to reduce depression and increase self-esteem to practice gratitude. It also improves sleep and increases your energy and positivity so it’s definitely something I would recommend you guys to try out!

5 Reasons to have a gratitude journal:

  1. You are more positive
  2. More energetic
  3. Improves your sleep
  4. Reduces depression
  5. Increases self-esteem

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