Smoothie Time

Hello guys!
I have a weekend off with almost no plans (intentionally). I need to get a healthy routine in my life and there are still a lot of things that needs to be done at the apartment. We are missing some kitchen essentials and some just apartment essentials in general are missing and we don’t have the time to buy all the things we need in our everyday because of work and studies so we dedicated this weekend to fix things! It has been an amazing Saturday today! I woke up early and started my day with meditation and journaling. We then went to fitness for about an hour. After that we decided to do some grocery shopping so we can make smoothie bowls and after that we decided to do some preparation for our 2020 Vision boards (more on this later! ;)). I also got to take photos, relax, read, do a lot of cleaning; we bought some storage boxes so I could finally clean up at the apartment and organize some stuff!
All in all it has been an amazing day! But yeah I thought I would share our smoothie bowl from today and end this chill Saturday with some blogposts :P Let’s go:

– Spinach
– Strawberries
– Banana
– AlmondMilk
– Cinnamon

(I sometimes do add oranges and cucumbers too and then cut off the Almond Milk ;))


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