You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.

Hello guys!
This month I thought I would try to do an “August Diary-series”. Not sure if I can keep up with updating the blog everyday with what I’m doing but I’ll try unless there isn’t much to share about my day :P
I’m taking a social media detox. With that said I still want to work on the blog and youtube. And I’m allowed to use Pinterest and Tumblr. I don’t feel like those things are an “issue” or taking my time or affecting me in any bad or negative way. I’m not on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and I dont really use Twitter in general. It’s very rare :P
I feel like I’m in this journey of finding myself once again and I’m trying to let go of whatever doesn’t serve me anymore. To find myself I feel like I need to take a break from social media. I’m not sure if that makes sense. I dont know how long I want to do the detox either, cause I’m not sure how much it actually is affecting me unconsciously but I guess I’ll find out. I started yesterday and the plan is to continue for at least 5 days and maybe more depending on how I’m feeling (Also I want to promote the blog and etc on social media). I love taking pictures and collect memories and work on myself so that’s what I’m doing lately and today was a really chill day with deep conversations and laughter and random chit chats and I thought I would share my day :)

We started the day off with going to a church, spontaneously actually. We went in and were just sitting there for some time I guess to get some peace. After that we decided to do some shopping and ended up at a “crystal shop”. I dont really remember the name of the shop. But they had a lot of crystals and spiritual stuff. We are all into law of attraction, mindfulness and spirituality and trying our best to practice it in our everyday so we decided to buy crystals and bracelets with crystals etc.
After that we went out for dinner and then we decided to play pool. Looooved it! We should definitely do this more often! At last we decided to get hot chocolate, milkshake and smoothie and just chit chat about life, goals, mindfulness and dreams as usual. I just got home and we are all getting ready to sleep. We have to wake up at 4 tomorrow to go to Copenhagen for some apartment stuff so I should wrap this up now. It has been a really good day today and I’m truly grateful for this life and where I’m at in life and everything I have in life. I feel blessed.
I hope you are all doing good. Take care! <3


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