In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself

Hello guys!
So it’s day two of the August diary and today was a pretty chill day. Arthu, Thannu and I went to Copenhagen today and had to get up at 3.40 AM. I’m so exhausted and I should probably sleep right now but I really wanted to share my day on the blog at the same time. We went to Copenhagen to see Arthu’s apartment in Copenhagen. She is going to take the masters in Copenhagen and I’ve got a job in Copenhagen. I’m nervous and I dont know if I feel ready to leave Odense (where I studied yet) but we’ll see. If I really want to live in Odense I can of course find an apartment there and take the train to Copenhagen but let’s see.

We woke up early and was already in Copenhagen at 7AM. We got the keys at 7.30AM. After that we were chilling at the apartment, looking around, discussing how to decorate the apartment. After a few hours we went to the city center where we decided to go to Espresso House for smoothies and then we did some shopping. We actually didn’t buy much but we were just looking around. I think we were too tired for the shopping part :P Since waking up so early we got some late lunch and then decided to try to do some more shopping and took the train back to our parents’s place (4 hours train trip). Oh we also had some time to eat dessert right before the train. I tell you that chocolate cake was delicious! I came home a few hours ago and got to eat mom’s food and I’m soon ready to get to bed since I’m quite exhausted. I’ve kinda been exhausted all day I think because I need sleep :P Tomorrow is a new day and I’m looking forward! Got some plans tomorrow as well. I try to do something every day beside just chillin at home. I have one month to start my new job and I just want to do whatever I feel like and mentally get ready to move and start on a new chapter.


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