Bye Weekend

Hello Guys

I’m going to pack my bags so I can head back to my own apartment again after a cosy weekend back home. It has been good to be home. I didn’t get to be totally productive like I wanted, but I did work from home as planned. I also did work on a few blog posts, but I’m not sure if they are going to be up yet :-)

It’s April, which means we have to finish off our semester project next month; So I’m probably gonna get busy the new few months. I’ll have to schedule properly so I can get to study, work and blog! :)

I have a few shot from my weekend for you guys:

 photo IMG_9241_zpsiw2aobkv.jpg
 photo IMG_9249_zpsfg4d34gh.jpg
I finally got to catch up with Thami: 

 photo 2016-04-02 20.06.38-2_zpsuexnrhzp.jpg
 photo 2016-04-02 11.35.05-1_zpselmea4ch.jpg
 photo 2016-04-02 11.34.27-2_zpsykafikq3.jpg
 photo 2016-04-02 15.34.29-1_zps6vlmlsjp.jpg
 photo 2016-04-02 12.41.22-2_zpswfzvfkpa.jpg

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