DIY: FaceMask/FaceScrub

Hello guys! :)

It’s Friday, and I’m just chilling back at my parent’s place and I thought I would share a DIY FaceMask I try to use once a week This is one a very known one. I don’t exfoliate my face every week like I should, because of my laziness, but I’m working on it :-P

To exfoliate my face I mostly use a FaceScrub I make at home. A friend of mine taught me this for some years ago. I just mix some lemon, honey and sugar in a bowl. Then I “paste” it on my face for about 10-15 min and then I gently remove the mask with hot water. Remember to use moisturizer afterwards ;)

This facial scrub contains Vitamin C (from the lemon), and is a natural exfoliator because of the sugar, which also removes dead skin cells. Also the honey keeps your skin hydrated and also makes sure to reduce breakouts. This scrub also helps to even out your skintone and cleanses your pores as well.

 photo IMG_8975_zpsb454rcnk.jpg
 photo IMG_8980_zpsoztqi4b9.jpg
 photo IMG_8987_zpsxdzlxhu9.jpg
 photo IMG_8991_zpsewnsxfev.jpg
 photo IMG_8995_zps9b19kfkz.jpg
 photo IMG_8998_zps8ofstr89.jpg

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