TB: Marked Under Broen

Hey guys!
Since I’ve been so caught up with my exams I’ve totally forgot to post about a few things that has been going on. One of them is going to “Marked Under Broen”. It’s a flea market and then there is also a little bit of an “amusement park” kinda thing. I love going there. I’ve been there three times now and I’ve been enjoying it every time. I have a few pictures I wanna share. Oh btw! I also got to buy some crystals. Every year I’ve been buying crystals over there so I decided to buy one this year too. This year I actually bought two small ones while the last two years I only bought one but they were bigger. I’ve read that crystals makes you calm and sends good vibe so I’ve been obsessing over them for some time so I was so excited to buy some new ones over there :P Anyways now to the pictures: 

 photo Billede 11-05-2018 14.52.10 2_zpsetwosnvh.jpg
 photo Billede 11-05-2018 15.08.05 1_zpsnhssk89s.jpg
 photo Billede 11-05-2018 13.49.54 1_zpswpwfvrcb.jpg
 photo Billede 11-05-2018 13.49.59 2_zps6ddqvsz9.jpg
 photo Billede 11-05-2018 13.49.56 1_zpscnpqdq9i.jpg
 photo Billede 11-05-2018 23.20.26_zpsoms94aex.jpg
Click here to see photos from last year

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