Lillebælt Marked

Hello guys! 
Some weeks ago my friends and I went to the “Lillebælt Marked” also known as “Marked Under Broen”. It’s a flea market and then also a little bit of an “amusement park”, not a huge one though. I mean the flea market is kind of the main thing but they do have some kind of an amusement park-ish part too :P It’s the second time I’ve been there and I love it. It’s so chill and it just makes me happy. I didn’t buy much but two years ago when I went there I bought a beautiful stone, so this year I decided to buy a new one to remind me of that day, just for fun. Other than that we were just fooling around and eating a lot :P Let me show you: 

 photo IMG_6165_zpsq9v3xyld.jpg
 photo IMG_6166_zpsas29j1vc.jpg
 photo IMG_6167_zpsruzxw6ea.jpg
 photo IMG_6177_zpsjk3q8jod.jpg
 photo IMG_6178_zps6djmaq3b.jpg
 photo IMG_6182_zpsbpeakfhr.jpg
 photo IMG_6192_zps3evehqgh.jpg
 photo IMG_6209_zpswg7czooc.jpg
 photo IMG_6217_zpseehs3dhm.jpg
 photo IMG_6223_zpssimm6dnx.jpg
 photo IMG_6228_zpsr7wkj1ox.jpg
 photo IMG_6234_zps3qp8fgpq.jpg
 photo IMG_6239_zpsgvlhyxiu.jpg
 photo IMG_6245_zpssj7jvuee.jpg
 photo IMG_6260_zpsvpyxalx1.jpg
 photo IMG_6267_zps2kjpkive.jpg
 photo IMG_6274_zpsdzjnb9do.jpg
 photo IMG_6280_zpsvdfimw3e.jpg
 photo IMG_6293_zpsmbpzufhe.jpg
 photo IMG_6296_zpsqemcbfwz.jpg
 photo IMG_6312_zps91fxrfri.jpg
 photo IMG_6313_zpsvggycvej.jpg
 photo IMG_6316_zpsw2xyct5r.jpg
 photo IMG_6317_zpsbeirhx3r.jpg
 photo IMG_6328_zpsy4cw91w8.jpg
 photo IMG_6337_zpsso2bjdep.jpg

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