What If I…

Hello guys! 
It has been a long time since I’ve posted outfits on the blog and I feel so bad about it. It has been a little difficult since my balcony has been a big mess until now. I finally got it cleaned out with some help from my friend so now I’m back with some casual summer outfits! :) 
Today’s outfit: Dress: Only  // Sandals: H&M 
 photo IMG_7313_zps6oonmcar.jpg
 photo IMG_7309_zpsyv9l402t.jpg
 photo IMG_7308_zpsgo2ngyei.jpg
 photo IMG_7294_zpskeec6uk6.jpg
 photo IMG_7306_zpsoaibcqqv.jpg
 photo IMG_7291_zps2tcv3kxa.jpg
 photo IMG_7307_zpserdlani9.jpg
 photo IMG_7286_zps3ngrd5ne.jpg

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