H&M All Day Liquid Foundation – Beauty Review

Hello guys! 
It’s time for a foundation review. I’ve tried the all day liquid foundation from H&M and I actually do like this foundation. It’s actually pretty good and I’m very surprised that I like it. The foundation is so affordable that I had no expectation for this one but it is not bad! Let me tell you the pros and cons:


– Affordable! So cheap! 
– Beautiful finish
– Easy to apply
– It has a scent to it that I like but if you have sensitive skin then you should be careful :)
– Medium coverage: It covers blemishes well (I like!)


– It doesn’t stay all day. It rubs out easily throughout the day but wearable for about 4-6 hours.
– It is buildable but it tends to look a little caky if you build it up since the product is a little thick
– It says medium to full coverage on their website: I didn’t really feel like it was full coverage when I tried to build it up though. I prefer using less of the product so my face doesn’t look caky 

So…it is worh it?

Well, it’s not bad at all. You get a lot for the money since it’s so affordable and I think it’s nice to have. I do wish the foundation would stay longer though. I think that is the biggest con of this product. I love the finishing result when using the foundation and I love how it looks on my skin and how affordable it is. I just wish that it stayed longer. But you do get a lot for the price since it is only 80kr (about 12,29 USD). But it’s not a must have :) 

 photo IMG_6057_zpsngnakkgc.jpg
 photo IMG_6056_zpskaqg4jst.jpg
 photo IMG_6038_zpsntihoaj7.jpg
 photo IMG_6036_zpsuppdt1lb.jpg
 photo IMG_6028_zpsys2ocp5i.jpg
 photo IMG_6026_zpspwdyujla.jpg
 photo IMG_6022_zpsqae8shti.jpg  photo IMG_5995_zps8cl7ubqb.jpg

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