How I Study For My Exams // Tips&Tricks

So I’m half way through with my exams which means I’m done with two and I have two more to go. Today I thought I would share how I plan and study for my exams.
All my exams are oral exams so one thing that has definitely improved my grades is having a study group. I study with my study group everyday from 9 to 16 and sometimes for longer than 16. The good thing about having a study group is that we get to discuss all topics and that makes it easier to talk at the oral exam. So it’s definitely something I would recommend you guys if you are in college/university and have oral exams.
I have a day off today since we just had exam yesterday. So I’m going to plan for my next two exams since they are right after each other

How I Study For My Exams:

1. I first write down all the topics for the course to go get an overview of the curriculum.

2. Then I open my calendar and see how many topics I have to finish each day to finish off all topics before the exam. Usually I try to finish off two topics every day. If I’m much more time pressured I will have to finish three topics at times.

3. I always make sure that I’m finished with all the curriculum, the day before the exam or two days before the exam. Then I have one or two days to revise everything I’ve learned so that I remember everything for the exam and I make sure I understood everything properly.

4. We all remember and learn in different ways. One of the ways I remember what I learn is by writing everything down. So I make sure to take notes for all topics and then I print it out and I go through everything a few times right before the exam.

5. If there are topics which I find extra difficult I watch videos on youtube that gives me better understanding of the subject.

6. I first take notes in my hand and afterwards I write them down on my computer to repeat everything once again. The more times I write it down the easier it is for me to remember and understand the curriculum.


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