Today’s Morning Routine

Good Morning Guys and Happy Sunday!

Since I have group work later than what I usually have I thought I would share a blogpost before studying. I’ve been sleeping well today and I woke up fresh and feeling productive. So I thought I would share today’s morning routine as I experiment and try out different morning rituals when I have the time. When I dont have the time I keep it very simple: breakfast, gratitude journal, get ready and let’s go!

But today since I have good time I wanted to do some extra and share with you how my morning routine is today:

  1. Woke up and made my bed and opened the balcony door to get some fresh air
  2. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, applied sunscreen SPF +50 and moisturizer
  3. Gratitude journal to appreciate everything I have in life
  4. Made myself a green tea that I’m drinking right now while writing this post
  5. Go out for a run to get some fresh air and do workout
  6. Warm bath and get ready for uni
  7. Get myself a big healthy breakfast
  8. Meditation for 10 minutes

It’s 11.20 now and I have to go to uni, so this is my morning routine today. I actually wanted to read at least 10 pages in a book too but I didn’t get to. I’ve got a few extra photos from today that I want to share with you guys and then I”ll have to go :P



 photo 2018-06-17 09.21.14-2_zpstxilwykc.jpg
 photo 2018-06-17 10.32.22_zpsylcuzfzy.jpg

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