Me, Myself & I || Birthday Edition

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Hello everyone and Happy Birthday to me..!

Ok, turning 24 is weird. I mean I don’t feel like an adult at all. Who does anyways? -_-* And I don’t even think I’m over the “teenage-me” yet?! O_o
So24 huh? I guess it’s good. I still have a lot of years in front of me to achieve whatever I want to so I hope my 24th year is going to AMAZING. I used to be a planner; I knew exactly how I wanted my life to be and what I wanted to do with my life. Now; I don’t really have a huge plan like I used to. I take it day by day. I enjoy every single moment in life. And I’m trying to be as open-minded as possible.
Through my 24 years (I’m sounding like an old lady right now I know guys -_-*) I learned that nothing is permanent and life is full of opportunities and you never really know where life will take you. So what’s the point with all this blabbering? Well… I’m 24 and my goal is to just take everything day by day and not worry and stress about my future like I’ve done earlier. I’ll peacefully enjoy this 24th year of mine like I’ve never done before. :)

Now that I’m done with my little preaching I should tell you guys that lately things have been very laid back. I study, go to school and then I blog whenever I can. I’ve also been working on changing my lifestyle a bit. I’m not gonna change to a completely different person; eating only healthy food and all. That’s not the plan and it’ll never be :-P But I’m trying to eat healthier than what I usually do and I try to keep up with some workouts as well! Another challenging thing I’m working on is: Money! Well… I love spending money. I’m a total spender! But I really want to change that! I’m TRYING to be a much more of a saver. I finally feel like I’m almost getting a grib of my life after a long time :-D But we’ll never feel like that a 100 % ever, will we? I guess there’ll always be something you can work on and do better.
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Today’s products used:
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Today’s makeup look:
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I’m gonna go ahead and celebrate my birthday with the rest of my family and some friends now <3 ^_^ Take Care Everyone <3 ^_^

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