Traditional Look || BIRTHDAY EDITION

Hello Everyone! :)

Today I got a traditional look to share with you guys. My mom gave this as a gift for my birthday yesterday ^_^ We got to take some family photos and then also some solo outfit photos. Let me show you:

The whole outfit:

 photo IMG_3818_zpslib23yvl.jpg

 photo IMG_3842_zpsm3cxhulb.jpg
 photo IMG_3846_zpspdpvhxyv.jpg
 photo IMG_3795_zpshteat4tj.jpg
 photo IMG_3885_zpspqiyrmeq.jpg
My MakeUp:
 photo IMG_3883_zpsgskqc9tw.jpg
 photo IMG_3891_zpsklxnx8pa.jpg
 photo IMG_3824_zpscm48c2ck.jpg

I had a great day and I’ll tell you more about the day in another post! ^_^ Take Care <3


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    • mycafe101
      December 16, 2015 / 09:35

      Thank you so much Marina! ^_^ <3

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