My Birthday

Hello Everyone

This time it’s not gonna be a preaching like one of my previous post but I just wanted to share some moments from my birthday! :-D Arthu & Thannu managed to throw a surprise. They had ordered a cake, decorated a little and bought snacks and presents! ^_^

The birthday cake:

 photo IMG_3929_zpsbermr4ka.jpg
 photo IMG_3932_zpspl1qtcbt.jpg

Mom made a cake too <3 here you go:
 photo IMG_3936_zps9newvcv8.jpg
 photo IMG_3942_zpsrmn44ixu.jpg
 photo IMG_3967_zpsk13bvpir.jpg
 photo IMG_3986_zpsucgatiok.jpg

OMG! You guys have to see the amazing candles <3 I was so amazed by this:
 photo IMG_4015_zpsihiwo5wr.jpg
 photo IMG_4025_zpsoo6h0i0y.jpg
 photo IMG_4043_zpswlgfryao.jpg
 photo IMG_4047_zpshtdgv0bi.jpg
 photo IMG_4064_zpsa0dwhfut.jpg
 photo IMG_4085_zps4mkeex9l.jpg

I had an amazing birthday! After cutting the cake and eating dinner we decided to go out to the cinema to watch the horror movie “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”. Guys usually I used to be “ok laid back” watching horror movies but this time; this movie scared the hell out of me!! >_< So it was a “good” movie in that way, but I never really feel like horror movies are “good” but it was “good scary” you know. The day was amazing with friends, family, cake, food and horror movie! <3 :D

That’s it for today! Take Care! <3


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