Life Update!

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Hello guys! 
I thought I would share a quick life update with you guys. You know, just sharing what’s going on right now. Last time I updated you guys I was in the middle of writing my project work as far as I remember. I’ve finally handed in the project and now I have a portfolio to deliver, three exams coming up and also I have to catch up on my “student job” that I have beside studying. I’m not sure what the plans exactly are for this summer holiday but I’m going to work most of the holiday -.- that much I know! So it’s going to be a productive holiday I guess. The next month will be fully packed with preparing for exams and working too. I took two days off after delivering the project-work. I’ve been relaxing and planning the last few days. Today I’ve been working on getting into a better productive routine so I’ve got to do a bunch of things beside work and studying. I got to meditate, workout, record a youtube video, work, study, experiment with photography and cooked lunch and dinner (which doesn’t happen that often.. oh! And nothing fancy btw ! ^_^” )

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I didn’t get straight into “hardcore” studying today and stressed myself out. I’m taking small steps right now and trying to get an overview of all the things that need to be done and then from next week the study-part will be a little bit more intense :) 
Today’s look: 

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