Nelle’s Once Again

Hello guys! 
As you guys might know by now; I’m pretty much caught up with studies and work. That doesn’t mean that I can’t blog or do youtube, but it means that I’m kinda trying to incorporate my study and work life into my  blogging and youtube! :) I also think that’s a good way to motivate myself and you guys to study if you are studying or working maybe :P What do I know :P hehe
Anyhow, lately I’ve been trying to figure out where I study the best and one of the places I’ve been hanging out is Nelle’s and I got a few shots from the café for you guys. I’ve already posted about Nelle’s I think three times or something but I only had photos from my phone but this time it’s taken from the camera and I thought I would share them with you guys ^_^ Let’s go: 

 photo IMG_5368_zpsgtkzbxfj.jpg
 photo IMG_5369_zpsomdbqksq.jpg
 photo IMG_5371_zpsln2xoyjh.jpg
 photo IMG_5373_zpsz91xwxde.jpg
 photo IMG_5374_zps7nbzpwg5.jpg
 photo IMG_5375_zpskcd80oop.jpg
 photo IMG_5378_zpsluzb1ns9.jpg
 photo IMG_5379_zpsntas5sxr.jpg
 photo IMG_5381_zpsetdh3qjn.jpg
 photo IMG_5383_zpsmrrbrrzh.jpg
 photo IMG_5388_zpsi7ge3uqr.jpg
 photo IMG_5391_zpsvkg02cgl.jpg

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