Fooling Around With Amma’s Sarees

Hello guys!
I’ve got a random chit chatty video for you guys today! This is actually part two of a video I’ve already uploaded: I did a “Top 5 favorite sarees” a few weeks ago. The video actually had to contain both my 5 favorite sarees and my 5 favorite sarees of my mom’s but the video was too long for that, so I decided to split it in two parts! So this is part two in which I share my favorite sarees of my mom’s! :D I hope you guys like it ^_^ Oh btw: I forgot to make an intro and outtro for both of them separately because it was to be only one video with all of it, so the intro and outro is pretty much the same :P *Sorry!*

 photo IMG_4956_zpshq5zbdzl.jpg
 photo IMG_4958_zpskx8ppxw1.jpg
 photo IMG_4981_zpscmnj3k5g.jpg
 photo IMG_4982_zpsrswbj5xo.jpg
 photo IMG_4983_zps2j2vgara.jpg
 photo IMG_4984_zpsvmtsmdhv.jpg
 photo IMG_4986_zpsbtnjw6bq.jpg

 photo IMG_4955_zpstys0fhwj.jpg
 photo IMG_4951_zpsiia06lar.jpg
 photo IMG_4947_zpsmppeuxb5.jpg
 photo IMG_4944_zpsssoyh5as.jpg
 photo IMG_4943_zpsej3eeeoq.jpg
 photo IMG_4940_zpspf7srzdb.jpg
 photo IMG_4939_zps3gbsvo0m.jpg
 photo IMG_4938_zpsqwgetphy.jpg
Part 2:


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