Hello August! Hello Delany <3

Hi Everyone! :D

I’ve got some exciting news for you guys. As you maybe already have noticed the look of the blog has changed and the content is slightly changing into something else too. I’ve been blogging about my life, motivation, beauty and style since I started. But now there’s added two more new subjects “travel” and “wedding”. And there are probably gonna come more different content beside these two subjects. That’s ONE change. But that’s not the big difference; there is another change that is bigger and way more exciting! :D

I can officially tell you guys that MyCafe101 is going to be a blog by me and my bestie Delany from now on! Both of us have different things to share with you guys and we hope to inspire you guys in different ways! We’re both so excited for this and looking forward to work together with the blog! It’s gonna be so much fun! :D We are working on new content for the blog and also new “about us” pages, so you can read about the both of us. It’ll be up as soon as possible! :D Anyways Delany..!! Hope you feel like home at mycafe101 and I can’t wait to work on future projects together!! <3 ^_^ Luv  u <3

We are both working on some blogging posts that will be up very soon! ^_^

With that said… what have I been up to after the whole Barcelona trip? Well I’ve had some laid back days with blogging work, photographing, editing photos, eating and reading :-P Other than that I’ve spend a lot of time with my family lately. But yeah hope you’re all enjoying summer vacation! I didn’t get to take a lot of photos for my “life lately” so this is what I have for you this time ^_^ here you go:













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