“Books are the mirrors of the soul” – Urban Outfitters

Hello guys! 
While spending time in Copenhagen at Delany’s place, Urban Outfitters is always a must. Since it’s christmas everyone agreed to go shopping and I got to go to Urban Outfitters!! :D I loooove Urban Outfitters; I love their decor stuff and books. They have some interesting, funny and unique books that I love to collect! :D This time I got to buy the “52 Lists Project”-book . Basically it is a book where I can write a bunch of lists about what I want in life, goals, and what I like and just random lists actually. Totally random but I loved it xD 
Anyways.. Now to the pictures :)

 photo IMG_0742_zpsdueepdct.jpg

 photo IMG_0748_zpsv50swcix.jpg

 photo IMG_0749_zpsnuuqcrfo.jpg

 photo IMG_0751_zps7bg3iver.jpg

 photo IMG_0750_zpshonmzc5s.jpg

 photo IMG_0762_zpsyggh4qkk.jpg

 photo IMG_0756_zpspf57codd.jpg
Take Care <3 ^_^
Photo Credit: Pradaph

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