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Hello guys!
Last week we went for some shopping in Copenhagen, and I gotta say the Copenhagen street is so cosy with the christmas lights and decoration. I loved it over there! I have a few more posts about the shopping I will be posting. I had to divide the post into 3 parts since there were too many pictures ^_^ I hope it’s okay <3 ! Now let me show you the Copenhagen shopping street: 

 photo IMG_0707_zpsjcxrfh8n.jpg

 photo IMG_0692_zpstonbeewd.jpg

 photo IMG_0694_zpsyyqwsyfi.jpg

 photo IMG_0698_zpsaheuenfb.jpg

 photo IMG_0700_zpsrnx9s0mp.jpg

 photo IMG_0722_zpskc9hnab5.jpg

 photo IMG_0715_zpsjcw2zjea.jpg

 photo IMG_0717_zpskwb5xmjz.jpg

 photo IMG_0716_zpsjn4katrt.jpg

 photo IMG_0727_zpslpvtwd9a.jpg

 photo IMG_0734_zpsqaerpg1b.jpg

 photo IMG_0781_zpsy0aafgou.jpg

 photo IMG_0741_zps52fz6qkx.jpg
 photo IMG_0790_zpsmbjcdp0e.jpg
I’m enjoying the last days of christmas and 2016 with studying, preparing for the exam, eating a lot at my parents’s place and catching up on blogging ^_^  Bare with me, I really want to finish off posting the latest posts before 2017 begins. <3 
Take Care <3 
PhotoCredit: Pradaph

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