My Go-To Look (+Beauty Reviews)

Hello guys! ^_^

Today I wanna share with you my go-to-look and the products I’ve been obsessed with at the moment. The products shown below are my go-to products when getting ready. I’ve also made some reviews of some of the products further down.


NYX Primer // Foundation & Concealer: Revlon in the shade “Caramel” // Studio Fix Powder: MAC in NC45 and NC42 // Highligher from MAC // Eyeshadow: Too Faced // Lipstick & Lipliner: MAC (Shade: Persistence) // Mascara: Revlon // Blush: MAC

Let me show you the products and the look:

 photo SAM_3094_zpsckvt2g3d.jpg

 photo SAM_3132_zpsqdk1bq6l.jpg
 photo SAM_3129_zpszvqfrqwm.jpg
 photo SAM_3096_zpsrhqbicay.jpg
 photo SAM_3204_zpsifscdzlo.jpg

Revlon Foundation: I usually can’t seem to find my shade or I’m never really satisfied cause my skin looks “dull” when I use foundation but this one from Revlon is one of the best foundation I’ve ever had beside my MAC foundations! It stays all day and it suits my skintone and it doesn’t look “caky” :D
 photo SAM_3139_zpsjvodu80g.jpg
 photo SAM_3145_zpspbyaqlyy.jpg

Powder wise I always go back to MAC Studio Fix. It’s actually a mix of foundation and powder, which I dont really get but that’s what they told me at the store ^_^ I guess it’s just a little “thicker” than normal powder which you can use without a foundation. But these powders definitely sets my foundation. I use two because one of them is too dark and the other one is too bright ^_^” I did buy a Revlon powder but I’m still experimenting with it, cause I feel like the shade is too bright and “ashy” 

 photo SAM_3146_zpskmvydex3.jpg
 photo SAM_3152_zpsc6hkxh1l.jpg
O-m-g. This highlighter is definitely one of my all time fave! I got this from Delany and this highlighter really knows how to highlight your face :-P
 photo SAM_3157_zpsykvobf2w.jpg
 photo SAM_3158_zpsvfnql850.jpg
I’m still trying this mascara out and can’t figure out if I love it or not. At first I enjoyed wearing it. It gives so much volume yet looks a somehow natural and it is also easy to apply BUT… throughout the day the mascara kinda smudges and I tend to get mascara on my face underneath my eyes. I dont know if it is because of the hot weather that makes the mascara smudge but it’s not that cool -.-‘ So I kinda have a “love-hate” feel for this product. I’m gonna wait and see if it does the same for winter, when the temperature is cold. But yeah it’s not one I would recommend :)
 photo SAM_3179_zpsfvaqlra7.jpg
This lipstick though.. is definitely one I would recommend! My friend told me that the shade “Persistence” matches our skintone very well and omg she is right. I’m in love with the color and it feels good when applying and it is matte and if wearing a lipliner then the lipstick will stay throughout almost the whole day! :D 
 photo SAM_3188_zpsd7vvb4ut.jpg
 photo SAM_3212_zpsbvarcylb.jpg

 Anyways guys! That’s it for today! A bunch of new reviews of beauty products are on its way :D Next week  is kinda fully packed so I’m not sure how much I will be able to blog but I do have 3-4 posts ready already so I guess I’ll upload them throughout next week :)

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