On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it

Hi guys! ^_^
A few weeks ago my family and I went for a little boat trip. Mom always wanted to go see this hill named “Himmelbjerget” here in Denmark. So we went for a short cruise to the hill and it was so relaxing. The nature was so beautiful and I really enjoyed the trip. It was peaceful. Here are a few shots from the boat trip; throughout next week I’ll be posting pictures taken at “Himmelbjerget”. ^_^ 
 photo SAM_4136_zps4pgsolnv.jpg
 photo SAM_4141-2_zpsacevok58.jpg
 photo SAM_4145-2_zps1iykbj1t.jpg
 photo SAM_4145_zpsmm8pf1to.jpg
 photo SAM_4135_zps70jbtwz2.jpg
 photo SAM_4142-3_zpsa91dxdxg.jpg
Take Care <3

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