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Hello guys!

I’ve got some exciting news for you today..! We have been so lucky to do a collaboration with “Kulasingam København” which is a new clothing brand! The brand supports Børnecancerfonden(= A fund that supports children with cancer), which I think is pretty awesome. You dont only get a great piece of clothing but you can actually feel good about yourself; spending money on clothing; since it supports a great cause.

30 % of the sale goes directly to the fund at the moment. The purpose of Kulasingam København is to help children with cancer, so that they can have a normal happy everyday life, like all other kids.

We will be blogging for their website kulasingamkbh.com through our original posts from mycafe101.com, and support the new brand in the best way possible! Another post will be up soon where I will share with you guys how I would wear the t-shirt. Until then you’re gonna get a sneak peak of me wearing the t-shirt :)

 photo SAM_3035_zpszu7buxrm.jpg
 photo SAM_3031_zpsttksl8bv.jpg
 photo SAM_3017_zpsrclgkzvc.jpg
 photo SAM_3016_zpsdisotpoo.jpg
 photo SAM_3022_zpssmhrdpju.jpg
 photo SAM_3002_zpsugqlqqyc.jpg
 photo SAM_3015_zps1o416byc.jpg
 photo SAM_3024_zpsxqepbvfh.jpg
This is the classic t-shirt “Roppongi”, and they are working on new designs as well! A new design will be launching soon. I loooooove outfits in black and white and the t-shirt is very comfy! Also the quality is good, so I’m really satisfied with the t-shirt! :D And I can’t wait to see what they are gonna do next! 

 photo SAM_3028_zpstkua3ekg.jpg
 photo SAM_3043_zpsco9vfb9q.jpg
 photo SAM_3045_zpsw706he4s.jpg
 photo SAM_3049_zpsu4g2z4b5.jpg
 photo SAM_3060_zpspluweyyc.jpg
 photo SAM_3076_zpshgrnv8iw.jpg
Click here to order a t-shirt and make a difference! <3 
Also feel free to check out their website: kulasingamkbh.com to know more about the brand and what they do!

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