Trying Out New Products – First Impression

Hello guys!

Well since I’ve been on vacation I also got to shop a lot and I’ve got a few “first impression – reviews” for you guys today :D I’ve been trying out all the new makeup to see if it works for me and I got to take some photos as well. Since this is my first impression of the products, I might change my opinions on them ;)

We don’t have the brand “Revlon” in Denmark as far as I know and also I can never find my shade when it comes to foundation (except MAC products). So I went a little crazy with some Revlon makeup products. I’ve got to buy a foundation, concealer, powder and also a translucent powder. I also got to buy some cover-sticks but I haven’t tried them yet :)

Today’s Look:

 photo SAM_2726_zpsgufyjsbr.jpg
 photo SAM_2666_zpshrgjnsd2.jpg

I gotta say I’m in love with the foundation and concealer! I’m not a big fan of concealers; I always feel like it looks fake on me, but this one is actually pretty cool! It also stays for a long time. I don’t like the powder though :( I felt like it made my face dull and dry and I also felt like the shade was too bright compared to my foundation shade. I am gonna give the powder a chance though and try it out a little more to figure out if it just was a “bad makeup/foundation-kinda-day” :) But the foundation and concealer was definitely something I enjoyed wearing!
Mhm.. about the translucent powder: They say it will set your foundation and make it less “cake”-ish and make the whole foundation “mate”… But I couldn’t really feel any change after using the translucent powder -.- maybe I’m doing it wrong.. I dont know.. But I didn’t really get it :-P I need to study some more about the translucent powder and see what I do wrong I guess ^_^”
 photo SAM_2670_zpsapbibqzm.jpg
 photo SAM_2672_zpsjedvxl99.jpg

O-m-g…. I’ve already got a few MAC makeup products like foundation, powder, prep+prime, concealer etc. but I’ve actually never bought myself lipsticks and lipliners from MAC. I’ve borrowed from friends and tried different styles but these are my first MAC lipliners and lipsticks! And I totally understand why girls love the MAC lipsticks and lipliners! They are amazing. I’m in love! Their pigmentation is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I love love love the lipliners and lipstick from MAC! <3
 photo SAM_2678_zpslidcccmr.jpg
 photo SAM_2679_zpsspvhw7rv.jpg
 photo SAM_2706_zpsvhmzhadx.jpg
 photo SAM_2708_zpsg1pdgk6t.jpg

I have a bunch of mascaras and I dont even use half of them, but the lady at the store recommend me the Revlon Mascara and told me I had to try it out and I’m truly glad I did! It’s so easy to work with! The brush of the mascara is different than what I’m used to but in a good way. I will make a special review for this mascara! It was definitely worth the money! :D Love Love <3

 photo SAM_2871_zpsrvxsrw5c.jpg
 photo SAM_2726_zpsgufyjsbr.jpg
 photo SAM_2732_zpssoytdswd.jpg
 photo SAM_2733_zpsljnm56v2.jpg
 photo SAM_2753_zps1ilbhoo6.jpg
 photo SAM_2772_zpsch4wmytd.jpg
 photo SAM_2799_zpsryuq5dvt.jpg
 photo SAM_2818_zps8sueqyhn.jpg
 photo SAM_2848_zpssufrnokc.jpg
I will make a proper review of everything when I’ve used the products a little bit more. I need some more time to experiment and to see if I actually like the products or not. :) 
Take Care! <3

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